Calla Lilies in pots


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I have been growing calla lilies inside for almost a year. I have two six-eight inch pots with one plant each. The plants are doing well, but each has bloomed only once. The flowers were grogeous however. My question is: do I need to cut them back at any point and store the bulbs for a few months? Or is it alright to let them continue to grow? They get good sunlight and almost daily water inside the house. What can I do to get more flowers?
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Calla Lilies Indoors

Calla lilies do best in bright, but indirect light. A window on the north or east side of the house may be just right for growing bulbs as houseplants. Water generously and fertilize monthly during period of growth and bloom. Frequent, light fertilizing is best. Fertilze at every watering with 1/4 the recommended dose on the fertilizer package. I don't believe you need to do any pruning, unless you can bring yourself to cut some blossoms for a flower arrangement. Calla lily foliage holds up better if the leaves are submerged in water for a few hours before you add them to an arrangement.
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Calla lilies

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