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Why do my seemingly healthy tomato plants turn yellow at the base and work its way up through the entire plant? This has resulted in branches browning and falling off.
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Your yellowing of the lower branch leaves is an "almost" normal condition. There are a number of possible causes that range from lack of nitrogen to fungal problems to parasites. If it continues to climb up the plant too fast you should probably treat with an anti-fungal agent.
If it is just a few branches, it is not a major problem. I remove my lower branches manually to allow the sun to ripen the lower fruit faster. If you have ever seen hydroponically grown plants, the stem base may be bare for five feet or more before there are any green branches. Most tomato species are indeterminate tropical vines.
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Early Blight

Here in western NC we have two tomato blights. The early blight hits by starting at the bottom of the plant often after a good fruit set. The plant doesn't die but it will loose all leaves and leave your tomatos to sun scald. The late blight is later in the fall although we have never made it past the early blight to suffer the late blight. Organic control is more preventive. Spray plants with copper and Nu-Film 17 spreader/ sticker every week from seedlings on. The blight is air borne and is worse in foggy mornings and rain. There is no cure. The expermential station here has come up with a line of tomatos that are resistant to the blight. The Mountain series, Mountain Pride, Mountain Beauty etc... If you only have a few plants you can get some greenhouse shade cloth and with stakes shade the plants and the tomatoes will ripen.

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