How do you transplant water plants?

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I have decided to start an above-ground 50 gallon water garden and I need help. My situation is this. I am a low-income father of six children. I am currently unemployed and even when I was working I made less than $2,000 per month which is next to nothing when it comes to providing for a family of eight so on-hand cash is a very rare commodity for me. Therefore, to start my water-garden I have to take measures to eliminate costs where ever I can. For instance, instead of paying $70 for a 50-gallon tub at any of the local nurseries, I plan on buying a 50-gallon storage container at Wal-Mart and instead of paying $5 for 3 Koi-fish at the local pet store I plan on netting some minnows for free out of a local man-made lake. My stumbling block so far in my proposed garden are the plants themselves. I just can't affored to pay the $14-$19 per plant that all of the local nurseries are asking for potted submergent and emergent plants. However, somewhere online (I can't remember where) I read that a good way to stock your water-garden with plants was to take cuttings from a friend's established water-garden. I don't know anyone with a water-garden but I do have the aforementioned local man-made lake along with two others not to far away from me and of course they all have plenty of plants growing in them. It would be no problem to take cuttings from these lakes. However, I don't know how to go about it. This is the first gardening of any variety that I've ever done and having never worked with plants before I don't have the slightest idea of how to successfully go about getting plant cuttings nor how to transplant them. Can anyone please tell me step-by-step how to do this with water plants (I assume there would be differences with doing this with water plants as opposed to regular plants)? Or if you could suggest a good web-site that explains how to do this I would greatly appreciate it. For someone with extremely limited resources like myself this would be a great help. Thanks.
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Water gardening

You might find the forums at useful. Best regards.
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Thanks a lot, Twelve. That site was very helpful.

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