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I have 50 feet of flexible, black ABS plastic water-line drawing lakewater for my home. It comes out of the ground about five feet into the water and rests on the bottom under about 3-6 feet of water, extending 40 feet out. We are getting city water next year, so we only need a one year fix and don't want to shell out big bucks. Is there something we can wrap it in?
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I planted a Queen Elizabeth climbing rose bush this spring. Now that winter is coming, do I need to trim back the canes (they are well over 6' tall) and if so, how far down should I cut them off? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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We often lean the whole bush over and bury it to overwinter in the Southern Ontario (Canada) region, but I have overwintered by mounding over the graft and pruning only to the point where the canes will not present a hazard by being blown in the wind. You will have winter dieback if you only mound, so you will be pruning back to that point (or to the traditional third outside bud on selected canes) in the spring anyways. No point in going overboard now.

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