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I have a problem with my Mandarin fruit tree. This problem is driving me crazy and after trying various unsuccessful methods to overcome it I thought of sharing my problem with you since Iím sure that some experts can give me a solution.

My problem is the following:- All new leaves are being attacked with some sort of pest. This strange insert resides inside the leaf. It has the ability to crawl inside newly grown leaf, leaving a black trail behind it. Then after one or two days these leaves dry up and fall. Therefore as you can imagine the tree has only stems, cause all leaves fell off. The strange part of it is that old leaves remain untouched, only leaves that are still in the growing phase are infected.

I am currently using Marathon but does not seem to have any effect on these pests. I also tried mixing double the doze but again with no success.

Any suggestions and/or comments?


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Hi Robert,

It sounds like the Asian Citrus leafminer. Check this site out, but here's the portion on your potential culprit.

"Mandarins are afflicted with the same pests and diseases as other citrus, so the reader is referred to Home Fruit Production--Citrus, Table 2. One pest not discussed in the HFP-Citrus publication is Asian citrus leafminer, as the pest arrived in Texas about 1994. This leafminer attacks the new flushes of growth when the developing leaves are only about an inch long, leaving serpentine trails from their feeding and causing stunting and distortion of the leaf. Occasionally, trails or mines occur on fruit as well. Each growth flush is susceptible to attack and mandarins usually have four growth flushes annually. The spring flush is least damaged, since the leafminer does not overwinter well, but the later flushes can be devastated.

There are no chemical controls available for home use, although citrus spray oils do deter infestation if the application is timed to the development of a new flush of growth. Otherwise, it is best to try to ignore the damage; leafminer will not kill the tree and indiscriminate spraying kills a lot of the natural predators and parasites that help to keep leafminer populations down."


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