Hummingbird attractant bush/shrub

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hiya .. anyone know the name of a good flowering shrub that would be especially attractive to hummingbird ? or annuals for that matter ...
i have seen one shrub that has red bugle-like (toot) flowers ... don't know its name though ..
I am in Ontario, Canada .. i think zone 6 hardiness ?
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Not a shrub, but a good perennial for attracting h-birds is Tritoma, or it's common name - Red Hot Poker. A simple hummingbird feeder or two is always a guarantee.
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You are probably talking about Trumpet Vine - Campsis radicans. It can be trained as a shrub, and will climb on telephone poles - it can be trained and pruned to take on a small tree-like appearance. One thing to watch with Trumpet vine is that it will tend to creep by underground runners and may become a problem if you don't want suckers coming up around it. Fairly easy to control if in the lawn (just mow the suckers down), but may be a bit harder to control in a formal perennial bed where you don't want to be disturbing plant roots all the time.

"The preferred flower for the hummingbird is red in colour and tubular in form. A massed bed because a hummingbird has to visit about one thousand blooms every day to meet its needs of sweet nectar. Next to red, they prefer orange and pink, but also visit flowers of other colours. Summer flowers that attract are - Petunias, Phlox, Snapdragon, Cleome, Sweet William, Nicotiana and Zinnias. Favourite perennials include Gladioli, Red Hot Poker, Monarda (Bee Balm), Bleeding Heart, Columbine and Penstemon. Vining Honeysuckles like Dropmore Scarlet and Heckrott's Goldflame have the correct shape and colouration. Also, Morning Glory, Trumpet Vine and Scarlet Runner Bean. Flowering shrubs include Weigela, Beauty Bush, Butterfly Bush, Coralberry, Flowering Currant and Flowering Quince. Hummingbirds need eight times their weight in water every day. If your property does not include a pond or stream, providing water in a birdbath or large saucer will bring birds to your garden and keep them coming back. Sugar water dispensers designed to attract hummingbirds are also available" - from Humber Nurseries "Birds in Your Garden" handout.

Flopsitter, depending on where in Ontario you are, Humber is in the Toronto area, also I've found some good information in White Rose's & Sheridan's catologues.

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