Pallet of lawn grass weight?

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Question Pallet of lawn grass weight?

Hello fellow lawn people. I want to put some st. augustine lawn grass down in my yard down here in texas! I will need about one pallet. (450sq ft i think) Can an half ton dodge pickup truck carry the load safely. I will have to carry the pallet load of grass about 80 miles,there's no place closer.
P.S. How much does a pallet of grass weight?

Thank's Gary McNeese
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Pallet weight of sod grass

Typically, a pallet of sod grass weighs between 2000 and 3000 pounds, depending upon the depth at which the turf was cut. A 3/4 ton truck or drag-a-long trailer is usually required for pick up and delivery. Check your truck's owner's manual for recommended weight limits. Some sod nurseries will deliver for an additional fee, but they may have a minimum number of pallets which they deliver.
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wow it weights that much???
me and two other boys have laid 42 pallets in a day.
I think a flatbed trailer is easiest....
I've hauled one in my f150, but it's slow goin at best.

* 42
126,000lbs by 3 guys in 10hours.... Thats it I shoulda asked for a raise.

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I also think that as well as what twelvepole said, the weight will depend on how wet (or dry) the sod is, what kind of soil it was grown in and what species of turfgrass you are using. ...You could just phone the supplier and ask them how much a typical roll of their sod weighs...

Typically there are 60 rolls per pallet (at least here in Canada), so if a typical roll weighs 10 to 25 pounds and you add on the weight of the pallet (~50 lbs ), you can do the rest of the math. [ 0.8 sq metre per rolls (they - the feds - forced metric on us here) = ~8 sq ft per roll = ~480 sq ft per pallet ] We won't put much more than 1 1/2 - 2 skids on a two ton truck when we haul it to a site.

While I like using fresh but DRIER sod (because it is lighter), if you are going to be transporting it any distance, a bit more moisture in it would probably be desirable, although you probably won't have much control over that. You might consider putting a screen type tarp over the load to shade it and protect the edges from windburn during transport (Just be sure NOT to water it and leave it rolled in the sun any longer than you have to as this will create ideal conditions for your turf to become compost - another very useful product, but not what you want at this point in time), and if you aren't going to be using it immediately, unroll it all and water it until you are ready to place it (I have kept sod alive for almost a whole season in a Parks and Rec yard compound that way)


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texas grass

i just hauled a "pallet" of St. Augustine grass in my 2008 Toyota Prerunner Trd....went slow, and drove about 20miles.

i guess we will see.


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