high yield (sq. ft.) gardening -zone 7b


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Question high yield (sq. ft.) gardening -zone 7b

i want to try high yield/ square foot gardening this year. our yard is mostly shade - with sweet gum trees, no less - however, i have decided to use one of our livestock pens for the garden this year. mostly sunny, lots of aged horse manure turned in, & it's even got a 9' chain-link fence around the perimeter. (last year i had a bit of trouble from deer, rabbits, & 2 very anxious 'helpers'. (our kiddos are 2 & 5)

the pen is 24' x 48' with a small 3 sided shed (~8'x10')

being in zone 7b - 8a, i am gearing up to plant radishes, onions, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, lettuces in the near future. i usually plant according to the farmer's almanac.

our ground is very sandy (fine grain) with a red clay/ sandstone base.

any ideas about how to utilize my space to the fullest ???

other veggies i usually plant include: tomatoes, sweet corn, various peppers, cukes, squash, black-eye peas, purple hull peas, cream peas, & watermelon.

also, what about planting 'everbearing' strawberries? do i need to give them their own small bed?

any & all ideas are greatly welcome!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hello jhorsymom

Here are a few sites devoted to that topic:





Looks like most have their roots with Mel Bartholomew...

Good Luck

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Hi jhorsymom,

About the strawberries...I believe it would be best to make a separate bed for them. They really spread. In no time, you won't have rows, but a complete mass of strawberries. I found that difficult to manage. There was no place to step to pick them. I took a tiller to them and made rows again. That's easier if they're separated from everything else.


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many thanks to howiek & gami........... the links were helpful & i came upon a new site............( for me, anyway).
scroll past the his pleas to buy his books/videos, etc & it's got some great how-to's on planting, propogating, & general horticulture.
gami, as for the strawberries, try keeping a thick layer of newspaper/straw(NOT hay)/pine needles/whatever for your walkways among the plants.
you'll still have to allow room for the young ones to spread some, but it's better than having squished strawberries on your feet/backpockets... ;o)=)
thanks, again!!!!
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Hi Jennifer,

Welcome and thanks! You just may have something there, and I believe I'll try it!

I recently have been using newspapers as mulch, and I must say, it's working wonderfully!

Thanks for the link! That's a new one on me and I bookmarked it.

Keep on gardening, gal!


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let me know if you try anything off that site.......

at present, i am attempting to start some azaleas.
i got the cuttings from a friend, because my bushes have turned red -- leaves & all -- since i wasn't sure if they've gotten diseased or if i altered the ph they're in w/ mulch, etc.

so far, the cuttings don't look any worse than my bushes.
though that's not saying much. )=)

BTW, where in KC do you have enough room for strawberries?!?!

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