Garden - Why doesn't my wisteria bloom

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Post Garden - Why doesn't my wisteria bloom


A little over two years ago I planted a wisteria in my garden. It has never bloomed with flowers but has grow big & full with leaves...Am I doing something wrong???

The wisteria's across the sreet have bloomed every year.
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Hi Laura,

Nice post! I especially liked that you posted and scrolled down and added a bit more.

My suggestion would be to become friends with your neighbors. Ask them what they're doing right. I believe in my "few" years as an internet gardener that the most asked question is how to get wisteria to bloom and probably the reason why I've never tried to grow it.

Obviously, they're doing something right for your area. I could give you several websites on what to do, but your best info is right next door. Welcome, Laura!

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Laura, I do not have a problem with my wisteria blooming at all. In fact, I don't do a thing to it. I planted mine years ago near an old tree on purpose. The rest of the rules the place. As a result, I am clipping mine back constantly. Whether it is a quick break of a runner or using trimmers....this is what sprouts blooms where I clipped it. I don't know that I am doing anything right! I DO KNOW that in its blooming season---gorgeous. And whereever it gets a haircut---blooms (not all are big blooms ) Food for thought! by the yours purple or white?
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply to Laura. I also meant to mention, which goes along with what you said, that I watched a garden show recently, "The Gardener's Diary" on HGTV. This man lived in Mississippi, which of course is a warmer climate than some of us live in...but, he said that he was getting ready to prune his wisteria for the second time to get a second bloom! I gasped, knowing how many complaints there have been that some haven't even gotten one bloom. His motto was... "prune to get blooms". Enough said, and I guess that person would have to agree with you.

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I landscaper friend of mine says...

A landscaper friend of mine says that wisteria needs to have some "trauma" to bloom. For example - the pruning. He recommends taking a spade and digging around the roots. Don't go crazy with this. Does your neighbor have a flower bed by his/her wisteria? The simple act of digging to plant flowers can be enough.

A large corporation near me has a beautiful garden, complete with a wisteria covered walkway. They disturb the roots a couple times of year simply by digging up the bulbs in late spring/early summer and planting annuals, then again in the fall when they replant the bulbs. The wisteria is full of blooms every year.
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Give it some time

I'm in Mississippi and granted Wisteria grows wild here but from what I gather it may take as many as 2-4 years to bloom. If all else is as it should be maybe it just needs more time...Good luck...Mike
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Hi Mike,

You're right. Some plants do take several years before they bloom. I don't start worrying until they haven't bloomed in five years. A lot of that depends on how large the plant was when you planted it.

Here's some info on root pruning. It may be of some help with other plants one has problems with. It's also an excellent way to help a plant survive if you know ahead of time that you will need to transplant it. You could root prune it in the fall to encourage surface roots to help feed the plant and move it in the spring.

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Laura, you didn't say if your toddler wisteria was planted in full sun or not, but that might be a factor - are your neighbors' wisterias in a south-facing (or similar) exposure? Generally wisteria likes full sun, and might not bloom well in an exposure without it. If you've planted your wisteria on a north-facing wall and it can't grow to where the upper portion of the vine will get full sun you might not get good blooming.

Also, are you fertilizing with a high-nitrogen mix? If so, cut down on the nitrogen & see what happens.

Are you overwatering it? (i.e. is it near lawn irrigation?) That might also be a factor. Wisterias seem to do better with benign neglect.

Then again, this might be the year your wisteria gets going. Good luck & have fun with experimenting.

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