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green barbwire

hello, i am asking for suggestions as to what shrubs to plant to provide screen and to deter lot-crossing children and the parentally/socially challenged children who live in the duplex(!!!) next to me. all i have so far is a holly and a leaherleaf mahonia. evergreen will provide privacy , but i am also interested in thorns-the more , the better. ' if you're bleeding, you're too close!' thank you in advance! p.s. - i intend to make to make sure my shrubs do not cross my property line and have given thought to pruning maintenence. thank you , again.
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Hello zone7

Acanthopanax is a heavily thorned shrub, as are Devils Walking stick (Aralia elata), Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) and any of the Hawthornes (Crataegus).

Sound like you are fully aware of the possible liability issues here

Here are a few links to the materials listed above:

Good Luck

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thank you, yes- i have. i was thinking i would plant them to the inside of the property line. so that noone is scratched simply for being on the wrong side of their yard. they will really have to be in my yard to get got. and i do not want to be unable to reach the back of the bush. i know their are children (well, teenagers) involved- but i think most children do have some kind of vague idea of what types of shrubs hurt and which do not. one of the reasons i want suggestions is to possibly find a shrub that is -obviously- thorny. i had read on another site about a shrub called'bitter orange'. i read it had 2in. thorns. how can you miss that? but, i am gone now to look at some city links concerning property and city ordinances and such. i want to be sure i am not creating more problems for myself! thank you for the links you gave me, wish me luck!

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