Fruit Trees


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Question Fruit Trees

Does anyone know what to do about fruit falling from fruit trees. I would like to plant underneath them with some woodland type plants that are easy care. I would paths amongst it so that I can gather the fruit (which are apples, pears and plums). I do not want to sift through the plantings picking up the dropped fruit. Is is alright to leave the fruit there to compost? Are there plants that cope well with this without disease problems?
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Hi Meddy,

I don't have fruit trees, but I would think that the rotting fruit would draw all sorts of insects and probably even animals.

The fruit would eventually compost, but it sounds like you're in a warm climate. Wouldn't you smell rotten fruit? Wouldn't the seeds eventually sprout?

How about the roots? Some trees have roots that would inhibit plantings underneath. You wouldn't want to harm your trees by cutting the roots.

The falling fruit could also harm young plants; breaking the stems, etc.


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Fruit Trees

Thank you Gami for your reply. I feel that you are probably right, but felt sure that not everyone that has fruit trees just picks up fruit from grass all the time! Why bother having the things? I thought there must be a better way. I am probably wrong though. Thank you.


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