i don't want no tree's


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Talking i don't want no tree's

i just moved in and there are 3 trees i want to cut down and don't want to grow back. i cut down the bark, dug a few feet in the dirt, cut it again and sprayed the root with round up. did i do it right or is their another way to make sure it does not grow back?
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Now we have questions.
What kind of trees do you have, and how big are they?
Have you already cut them down?

Roundup is used on the foliage of weeds/plants, and basically has a smothering effect on the plant. I doubt you have bothered
the tree with roundup. The digging and bark ripping had some effect though.
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i don't know

i honestly don't know...
i already cut it down, the bark of the tree was about 3 inches. it was light brown and bare. i have never seen it blossom so i 'm lost. i just cut it and at the time there were no leaves on it. any suggestions???
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Its hard to say from here what will happen. But many kinds of trees will grow back on the stump.

Other types of trees will send up new shoots from the roots. These new shoots can be several feet or more away from the trunk depending on how extensive the root system is.

Your terms confuse me. You say the bark was 3 inches. Do you mean the trunk was 3" in circumference?

You cut it down, then dug out the dirt around it and cut the trunk again. Did you actually cut it down or just scar the bark?

Just putting roundup on the roots won't do it.
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actually cut it

i actually cut it down. where a tree once was there is no more. i dug in the dirt and cut the trunk again. i tried to kill it.
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I don't think roundup will have any affect on a newly cut tree stump it is a foliarly systemic herbicide.
if the tree trunks start to send up new shoots what you should do is spray the leaves of those new shoots with round-up so that the active ingredient(glyphosate) can get absorbed into the leaves,and get translocated into the root system and proceed to kill off the roots.
next time you decide to remove a tree permanently i would recomend cutting the tree and,with a paint brush,apply ortho's brush-b-gone.
the active ingredient in brush-b-gone is tryclopir which,unlike roundup,will get absorbed by the cambium of a freshly cut stump and translocate to the roots and kill them off.
hope this helps,
ron r.
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