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Chuck & Cindy
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Angry Burdocks

As crazy as the weather has been here up in the western NY mountains (one day 50 degrees and the next snow) we have numerous problems with burdock bushes. My dogs have come in filled with burdocks already and I have spent the past three years digging deep to try and get these horrible pests out of my gardening areas. Is there anything else I can do to put a permanent end to these pesty prickers?

I feel as though this is an endless yearly chore that drives me crazy and when digging, I think I get the whole root and I guess I never do because they always come back!!!

Cindy Newman
"Ye Old Oliver Farm"
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Hi Cindy & Chuck

I note that Burdock is NOT on the controlled species of plants listed on Roundup, but it is listed as being susceptible to intermediately affected by the 2,4-D/MCPA/Dicamba mix (that's my lame way of trying not to use the brand name Killex) in Publication 75 - Guide to Weed Control (1998), Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario (Canada).

If you are going to try the chemical route, (Okay everyone, here's my normal cautions on using pesticides) be sure to read and follow the label directions and mix carefully. Apply only when conditions are appropriate, paying particular attention to wind and temperature. Make sure that children, pets and passers-by are clear of the area and always wear personal protective equipment.

Here are a few websites might give you a different slant on the subject:

(my Mom grates, batters and deep fries a species of burdock root - delicious!!!)


You might also try severing the plant at the base below grade and continue to cut it below grade as it grows - maybe you can outlast it and it will finally run out of photosynthates and die (well... one can always hope!)

Good Luck

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Chuck & Cindy
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Thumbs up Burdocks


I don't think we can thank you enough for all the info you have been giving us on different problems we have with trying to plant a garden in our region.

You seem to know so much - your knowledge is greatly appreciated here.

As far as the Burdocks, the tea receipe was quite interesting, but the Burr Man is more braver than we could ever be! Cute story - we really enjoy reading the sites you give us.

We are going to try a bit of the chemical use but we're not real favorites to chemicals since we have free roaming chickens, horses and (of course caged) rabbits with a few free running rabbits and the extra wildlife. Here is so beautiful I'm afraid we might cause danger to the wildlife or other wild growing flowers and plants that makes a beautiful nature scene.

Thank you so much for sharing all this information and helping me learn so much. I joined a few gardening clubs this year to enhance my education on horticulture, etc., but having someone like you putting things in plain "English" and giving us little sites to read with history helps take off the pressure of always trying to be perfect with everything we grow or are trying to excavate.

Unfortunately, I think you have someone who might be asking you a lot of questions since this farm we bought 4 years ago has not been worked in over 20 years. We have a lot to do in the future as in the past and present.

Thank you again for making little aggrevating situations more easier to deal with.

Gardener in training from the past and future with many mistakes made - thanks again
Cindy Newman
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Hi Cindy

Glad to be a little bit of help, but there are so many others here and on other boards that can also share

Check out the posting on this board about Sierra (if you already haven't). There are so many who are extremely helpful and who frequent both boards

Just keep coming back and ask away!!!


Btw, if you want to really control the application of Killex to the burdock only, try painting it on with a small brush instead of using the sprayer - a bit more work, but that way, you'll know exactly where you put it... (and have to keep the animals away from)


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