Are my Azaleas ruined


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Unhappy Are my Azaleas ruined

My wife inadvertantly sprayed Miracle-gro Garden Feeder on our fairly new azaleas. The azaleas were put in 3 months ago by a landscaper and are roughly 2 feet high. I am far from having a green thumb so I need some help. The leaves and roots were sprayed fairly heavily and some leaves are turning brown or red. Should I let them be or reapply a different fertilizer to correct the mishap. Was it even a terrible mishap? Also hit in the bombardment was our dianthus and gumpo azaleas.
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Hello SDM,

Someone will no doubt answer your question. The only thing I know about azalea is they are acid-loving plants and therefore, the use of Miracle Grow's "Miracid" would be the recommended product.

Hang in there.....

North Garden Gal
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Azaleas should be fertilized just before they bloom or during blooming. So, you are right on time! Leaves turniong this time of the year is absolutely normal. So - you should have no worries concerning fertilizing.
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Thanks for the replies. Good to know about this site. We just had some azaleas(gerbing), dianthus, canna lillys, gumpo azaleas and some hollys installed in our landscape. Look forward to annoying all of you with my lack of knowledge.
Another question I have is about the Gerbing azalea. Do you recommend thinning or just lopping off the top as a method of pruning?
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I always prune my azaleas from the inside never removing anymore than 1/3 of the shrub. After they have completely finished blooming, I hand prune the top to keep neat.

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