Cats using flower garden


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Cats using flower garden

Could someone tell me what to use to keep cats from using flower garden for litter box
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Hi Maymay,

I'm going to refer you the garden board on Sierra. The members there have added what worked (or didn't work) for them. Since I have two cats, what works best for me is to keep a spot tilled up in the garden.

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I had the same problem with cats in my garden. The problem cleared itself once I planted several plants in the direct vicinity of "litter box". Prior to planting however, I did dig up the soil and replaced it with non-littered soil (from another part of the garden) as well as a generous amount of compost mixed in. Between the plants I placed little rocks (!) which I am guessing the cats didn't like. I removed the rocks as the plants grew. The cats never returned, so I am guessing this worked. I also tried the gels to deter cats/dogs but found that they were not too effective as every time it rained they needed reapplication. Hope it helps.
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FWIW, I use a layer of old chicken wired layed on the ground.
The plants grow through it and the cats can't scratch it at all - which really erks them!
Just a thought,

Pictures of our "new ground" can be found at Dan and Ginny's Place if anyone is interested. The 1st couple of pages were done with an old CHEAP camera so they don't look that great, but pages 4 and 5 get better.
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Hi Dan,

Welcome! WOW! You're going to have an orchard and a greenhouse! What's the shop for? A business or tinkering?

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Well, the shop will be used for tinkering and hopefully some sort of business in the future. I like building things - birdhouses, feeders, furniture etc., so I am hoping to have a big enough place to do all sorts of work. Also, I am into old dodge vans and other older vehicles and I do all my own repairs and maintenance on all the rigs, so I need a place to work on them. I am so tired of working out in the wind, rain and sun on my back in the dirt!!

We already have 16 fruit trees planted. 10 apple and 6 pear so far. It's all I could get with the money I had at the time. I am waiting on an insurance settlement check to come in. When it does I will be so busy!

Well, septic, house of some sort, fencing, ponds, shop, greenhouse, garden, storage sheds, etc. etc. etc.............

The "garden" area is about 40' x 100' so that should give my wife plenty of room to grow all the "row" crops. The rest of the place will have all the berries and orchards and asparagas etc. I figure that wherever it's convenient and looks good is where we will plant stuff! By putting the well up high and adding a storage tank next to it, I should be able to pipe the whole place and gravity feed all our water to wherever it needs to go.

Talk at ya later,
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Dan ...
You're pictures look great You sure have your work cut out for you! Let me know when you start building your bird houses, I have telling my wife that I want to start collecting them and I would be honored to display one of yours.

As far as cats go ... my threesome only stay inside, so I am no help there!

~The Rusty Can
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Cats dont like cutrus fruits, so lemon rind spread around your flower bed might do the trick.

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