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What is the tree paint stuff for cut limbs for?

What is the tree paint stuff for cut limbs for?


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Question What is the tree paint stuff for cut limbs for?

just guessing its to keep the tree from losing moisture. I plan on getting some cuz i gotta do some trimming soon.
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Old 04-01-02, 09:09 PM
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It's called 'tree paint' - sorta like a roofing tar.
Actually, it's more to protect the tree from insects, etc.

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don't bother

Yes, its to protect the tree from insects. But don't bother with it. A regional radio gardening expert has quoted recent studies that show that mother nature does a better job protecting the tree than that stuff. In fact, you nmay end uup doing more harm than good.
Old 04-02-02, 05:46 AM
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Hello yellowthumb

Lots of discussion about this at your local nursery or garden centre - Both schools of thought have their points...

Long time ago, we painted pruning cuts because we thought it would protect from insect damage and aid in the healing process, but modern arboriculture seems to be leaning toward not treating at all - the tar or paint may actually be holding moisture in, promoting rot and giving insects and disease a place to stay.

If pruned properly, a tree will heal itself - you may have to put up with some sap bleeding for a while, but more often than not will see the scar beginning to heal over in the first season.

Here's a link with some good information on pruning techniques:


Good Luck


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