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Unhappy safe tree removal tips

I have some full grown pine trees, assorted species, that need to be brought down due to storm damage, disease and/or deformed growth. I will have somewhat experienced help and he is fully insured, but would like to know more about the topic. I want to be more helpful (and check that they are doing it safely). :-) The largest trees are 80' tall with 24" diameter.
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The process sort of all depends how close the trees are to the house.
If they are within range, the 'cutter' will probably climb the tree and take out a few large limbs as he goes up. Once up a ways he can 'top off' the top so it falls safely. He can then work his way down and make another cut or two to diminish the total length.
Some cutters will use large ropes to ensure the tree falls correctly.
I've got three chain saws but left a 100' oak near the house to the experts.
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Hi sparking

I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but in my former life as a contractor (not a tree-climber, mind you...) sometimes the best help a client could give was to stay out of the way while dangerous operations were being carried out.

Often it is in your best interest to be on hand to observe and make sure things are being done to spec and any good contractor shouldn't mind your presence. It really isn't that advice isn't appreciated, it's more that in a dangerous situation, the less distractions around, the better one can concentrate on the job at hand. If you are concerned about a contractor's competence or any aspect of his operation, you can (and should) ask for references and check them before awarding the job to him. If he has nothing to hide, he will be happy to supply you with the references.

Like I said, hope I haven't offended you with this perspective...


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