wood ashes


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wood ashes

I have about a gallon of wood ashes from my fireplace. Where can I use them? I have two compost piles and a medium sized yard and flower and vegetable gardens.
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Use very sparingly,

like 1# per 100 sq ft
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Hi Bibbus,

We spread them on the ice on our driveway. For some reason, they act just like Ice Melt.

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Using wood ashes in the garden

Wood ashes, like lime, raise the pH or alkalinity in the soil. Because they are more water soluble than lime, they can quickly change the pH level. Many folks apply wood ashes to their gardens without consideration of their effects on the pH of the soil. 20 lbs/1000 SF, a 5 gallon bucket, is the usual recommendation for an annual application. 20 lbs of ashes is the equivalent to 6 lbs of lime/1000 SF. Work well into soil. Garden soil should be tested every couple years to make sure you are maintaining the proper pH levels. Overapplication of wood ashes or lime can lead to soil related problems in the garden.

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