Just plum dropping the plums


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Unhappy Just plum dropping the plums

I've gotta a plum tree (don't offhand remember which variety) that sets an abundance of fruit each year and then drops all of the little buggers before they get bigger than a grasshopper's eye. What should I be looking for and how do I correct this hair-pullin' problem? A good friend who has a commercial orchard says that if it's not early frost, I need to spray for some kind of pest that invades the tree. Whatta y'all think? What type of insecticide do I use?
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My guess is that your friend is probably correct, the young bossoms/fruit are being hit by frost. Most, but not all, fruit tree insects invade the fruit as it is ripening. To be on the safe side, it is not too late to spray with a dormant oil spray, if it may be an insect problem.
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Plum drop

Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for free pruning instructions and a spraying schedule and info for your area. Both insects and disease can lead to premature fruit drop.
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Thanks for your help! Guess I can worry about it next year, cuz from the looks of the few blooms that set this spring, the frost done got it already. Screwy weather... maybe there is something to this global warming...? ? ?
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Plum tree

Even though you have few blooms, go ahead and get the spray schedule and pruning info. Proceed with the spraying program as recommended. You don't want any overwintering insects. And you will want to prune before next spring as recommended. That way you will be ready for next spring. If all goes well with the weather, you may have a healthy bumper crop next year.

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