Please Help, Crotons dying

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Unhappy Please Help, Crotons dying

I bought 2 crotons about 2 weeks ago at a clearance sale at Franks Nursery here in St. Louis, one is called a Petra which is a broadleaf
the other is a narrow leaf called Larens Rainbow.

After repotting them in good soil and watering them well they both started to wilt down, the narrow leaf one looks almost dead now and the other is close behind.

I am keeping them moist but not wet and in filtered sunlight, what am I doing wrong and how can I save them????
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Hi Kristi,

According to this site -

(Click on more about crotons) sounds like they're not the easiest thing to grow, but losing their leaves is natural. They can stand bright light.

Good luck with them. Even tho they were on clearance, you should be able to get a refund if they don't make it.

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Hey kristi! Crotons are definitely finicky! I love that beautiful foliage, though. They like to stay warm, so don't let them get below about 60F if you can help it.....good light, too. They like to be kept pretty moist during most of the growing season, (mist the leaves often, too) but you can let them dry out a little more in the winter.

I had one that I almost gave up on last year. Lost all its leaves; just a stem remained. I just stuck the pot outside in a NW facing bed and FORGOT about it. A couple of months later, new leaves were sprouting. Once it got a few leaves, I brought it back inside, put it in a sunny window and began to "baby" it. It is now one of my favorite plants....bushy and beautiful.

Don't give up on yours! Good luck!

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Transplant shock

Your crotons may be suffering from transplant shock as well as exposure to cold, dry air. If the plants were healthy and you do everything right, they should bounce back. Crotons are noted for dropping leaves and withering away to bare stems. Given optimum conditions they can serve for years as a houseplant. Remember, their native land was western Pacific islands. So, you are growing a plant in less than optimum conditions. Leaf drop tends to be due to cold, dry air. Misting daily is important to maintain the island humidity. Bright light like the island sun and a temperature of nothing less than 65 degrees is important. A sunny east or west window is best. Scorching may occur in a sunny south window.

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