When to "Snip" Daffodil vegitation?


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Question When to "Snip" Daffodil vegitation?

Iíve been getting so much info from this site in just the few days since I discovered it, Iíll pose another question that I have been wondering about for a while.
I have a ton of daffodils in my flower beds, and was wondering how much will it damage the bulb if I clip the green leaves off at the ground when all the flowering blossoms are gone. I realize that the bulbs actually get much of their nutrients for the next season from the decaying stems and leaves, however I have noticed that along many of the roads hear in No. Va., they will mow the daffodils down very early on, and they seem to be just as healthy the next spring. The reason being is I normally just tie the leaves back so that my beds arenít a mess when my other plants start coming up in late Spring, but it still looks unkempt. The question posed is really just a question of esthetics.

Thanks to all!

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You should not cut the green leaves off when the daffodils stop blooming . The need to restore energy for next years growth. If you cut off the leaves, they won't renourish themselves. Cut them back only when the leaves start turning brown. If you really can't stand looking at them, I would try cutting back but leave a good 4" of leaves.

Another thing is to plant other types of bulbs that come up after the daffodils to camaflaug them. I planted Oriental lillies among the spring bulbs.
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Hi Will,

Susan has explained it well. The only thing I might add is that you CAN cut them back once they are ALL yellow. I wish I would have saved the site I read that on. It explained it well. Once the leaves are yellow, they are basically dead. However, it is best to let them completely die back. I know they're not the prettiest at this time.

If you've seen them mowed in ditches and they're surviving, it's probably because they aren't mowing them completely to the ground, and MAYBE they've had a chance to turn yellow?

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Well, keep the leaves it is! Thanks. Maybe Iíll just mulch over them, would that be ok?
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Hi Will!

I think you're better off leaving the leaves exposed so they can "do their thing" with the sun's help so mulching would likely hinder their ability to renourish their bulbs underground.

I could be wrong about this.

Hang in there for the experts to step back in with proper advice.

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I always wait untill all the leaves have started to go brown, and dying down before I cut them down fully.
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I can tell you for a fact that you need to leave your leaves. I used to chop mine as soon as they were done blooming. What used to be a vast amount of daffodils is now a very pitiful show. They're starting to come back, but they used to be so beautiful. Now I know better and will never do it again!

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Well, I think the consensus is to ďLEAVE THEM ALONEĒ Thanks everyone!

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