Grape Tomato.....How to Grow them??


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Unhappy Grape Tomato.....How to Grow them??

I have a small flower garden that my wife wants to grow grape tomatoes. Both my wife and I are true beginners in gardening. Can someone direct us in the right way?? Maybe a very useful website??
Thanks in advance...
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Rusty Can
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Hello Masterjoe ... welcome!

Just a quick question: What is a grape tomatoe??? It sounds rather different ... it it like a cherry tomatoe, just smaller??

Post back with a little more info ... inquiring minds want to know!

~The Rusty Can
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Hey Rusty,
A grape tomato is just that. A tomato that is about the size of a grape, just slightly larger. If it helps, picture a roma or a plum tomato scaled down by a factor of 3 or 4.

As far as growing them, I cant see why they would be any different than regular tomatoes. In soil at least 70 degrees, moderate watering, and a plant food high across the board (nitorgen, phosphorus, potassium), they should do well. That is my guess. I'll try to dig up some more info for you.

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Rusty Can
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Thanks Bomber ... just never heard or seen them before ... unbelievable, huh??

~The Rusty Can
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Well my search, admittedly half heartedly, for growing tips today came up short. Ill resume tomorrow.

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It's perfectly fine to mix veggies with your flowers. I've got my strawberries in my perrenial bed.
But, if you only plan on a couple tomato plants, you could use some larger pots for them, and sit them on or near the patio or similar area. This way they will probably get more special attention. I do this on my deck with 'Fourth of July' tomatoes and cucumbers. Larger, 15 inch plastic pots work best.
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Thumbs up Growing Grape Tomatoes ~yummy!~

I grew grape tomatoes last year at the edge of my herb garden and they were prolific producers. The tiny little grape-sized tomatoes just kept growing and growing. I didn't do anything special other than water them and maybe fertilized once at the beginning of summer. I lost all but a few of my tomato plants that were hardening outdoors when we had a hard freeze overnight while I was out of town but one plant is really enough for two people.
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Grape tomatoes

If you are looking for seed, go to
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"My" tomato group has the developer of the Green Grape, Tom Wagner as a member Tom is also developer of Green Zebra and Julia Child tomato.

For awhile we had Andrew Chu as a member, Andrew was the developer of the SantaF1 Grape. Sorry to say the last I knew Andrew was in a legal dispute with one of the "Big" guys over
a PVP name.

Grape tomatoes are slightly elongated cherry tomatoes.

Johnny's seeds has a Juliet that replaces Santa.
Stokes also has a Tami G; no reports on these 2 yet.


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