Hibiscus in Va.?


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Hibiscus in Va.?

Is there a type of Hibiscus that is hardy enough that I can leave it out all winter in Northern Virginia?
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Hi Will,

You bet there is! One variety is called Hibiscus moscheutos or Rose Mallow or dinner plate hibiscus. I have the pink and white one in the first site and a couple of other varieties. They come in several different colors.


They also reseed. They are later coming up in the spring than anything else and bloom around August.

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Hardy hibiscus

Thank you for reminding me. I just moved into a rental that has zero plants. I am going crazy trying to think of what I would like to grow in this tiny barren yard. I fell in love with them when I lived in Tidewater Virginia where they thrived in the long, hot summers and produced a great show of color. Although I don't spy many in the gardens here, I do occasionally see one.
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Hi Twelvepole,

I have some seeds from a plain white and plain rose colored hibiscus. Thanks to my granddaughter, they are mixed together tho. If you'd like some, let me know. They aren't as pretty as some, and the blooms never open flat. They droop a little and remind me a lot of hollyhocks. They're reseeding all over the place.

For some reason, I don't get many seeds off of the prettiest one--the white and pink one that gets huge blooms.

It's been my experience, that fertilizing them really makes a big difference in the size of blooms.


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