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Cool Planter

Hope this is the right place for this question. I have some plants that are in “Living Rock”. I believe its lava rock of some sort about Ľ” in diameter. Rocks set in a bowl and then that bowl into another. Well one of the plants that had about a ten year run died, I want to clean this rock to be able to use it for another plant. I have a mesh bag, was thinking about running them through the dish washer. Just wondered if anyone may have heard of these planters and maybe where I could get some support for them too. Thanks Mike, electronics moderator.
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Hi Mike

Used to have some hydroponic planters that used different (depending on the supplier) growing medium that consisted of anything from vermiculite (expanded mica) to halide (a crushed volcanic rock) to clay chips to round pebbles...

Not sure what the dishwasher would do to the media - the heat and water jets might break it up and you might end up with a lot of mud or grains that may not agree with the machine...

You should be able to clean what you have by putting them in a bucket and swishing them around with your hands in some water. Try doing this a couple of times, changing the water between washings.

You could also check in your Yellow Pages under Hydroponics for suppliers and resourses.

Good Luck

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Hi Mike,

I have to agree with Howie. Not an expert on anything! BUT the only thing I put in dishwashers that aren't dishes are caps! Preferably the ones that say "Kansas City Chiefs".

Do as Howie says or lay those rocks on your driveway and hose them off.

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Cool Thanks

I never thought about the heat and all from the washer disintegrating the rock. Whatever it is though it’s, pardon the pun, hard as a rock. So I will just put them in the sink or such, soak em and clean em by hand. Thanks folks…
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If you haven't already cleaned the media, or if you have a good memory fo the next time, try this.
Soak them in a bleach and water solution over night, just rinse them off and let them sit outside to dry. The bleach will kill all bacteria, etc., and the chlorine will dissipate completely in the sun.
I used to do this for rock and coral in my saltwater tanks - never lost a fish from the chlorine.

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