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Angry Gardening/Goutweed


HELP!!!!!!!!! I have Goutweed/Bishop's Weed. It sounds like a disease and I'm beginning to think it is. I want this stuff gone from my garden like yesterdays garbage. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this stuff? It was planted here from the previous owner who must have liked it because it's everywhere. Yuck! I hate it. HELP!!!!!!!!!
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Goutweed - (Aegopodium podagraria) is listed as being resistant to the ingredients in Killex, It is also NOT listed on the weeds affected by Roundup (which means that Roundup is not registered for use on Goutweed). Your local garden centre or nursery might be able to suggest a product that they know works on it, or you could ask your local County Extension or the Plant Sciences Department of a local University...

If you are feeling really ambitious, you could dig it all out. You'll have to get all of the roots as it spreads (as you undoubtedly know) by underground rhisomes. And if you know anyone who wants the stuff, you could give (or sell at a deep discount price) it to them - as much as it is a weed to you, most garden centres and nurseries sell it for an outrageous price (as much as $2.00 per 4" pot here in Toronto)... If you find someone who wants it, they could help you dig it out

Not sure if you could try smothering/cooking everything in the bed with black plastic - you would lose everything under the plastic, and still no guarantee that you'd get all of it around the edges.

Not much help, I know... (sorry...)

Hope someone else has some ideas.

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Unhappy Goutweed/Bishop's Weed

Thanks for the help? The problem is it has spread underneath the house, so digging it up won't help I don't think. Any other suggestions?
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Been there, still doing that! Keep digging! Best to try and do it after a rain when the ground is soft. At least the roots are white and fairly easy to spot. You say the roots have spread underneath the house. Are you on a slab? My roots don't go that far down. You have my sympathy. I've been digging it out for 5 years.


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