Freeze warning out for Ohio


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Unhappy Freeze warning out for Ohio

Okay, here's $50,000 question. Do I cover my perennials??? I'm guessing they're hardy enough, but I don't want to lose everything! But I have sooo many! I'm covering my lilacs which are already flowering, but what about the rest? A lot of them are up against the house. Thanks in advance.

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Here's the one dollar answer. Your perennials should be okay, unless maybe you just planted them in the past couple days.
If they were already in the ground over the winter, they will be fine. The frost, if heavy enough, would probably only stunt the new buds/blooms of some plants. If it's going do go below 25 degrees, it wouldn't hurt to cover the ones ready to bloom.
Or, as I have done with my strawberries, you could sprinkle them very early in the morning. The water, if it freezes, will insulate the blossoms. You plants closer to the house are the safest.
A simple sheet or piece of plastic will keep in the ground warmth.
But, overall, you should be okay. It'sthe folks that have planted annuals or tomatoes are the ones who will suffer.
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Charlottesville is getting the same freeze warning for tonight. I just put in some herb and marigold plants. And I just put in my from-seed cukes so I guess everybody will get tucked in under tarps, secured with bricks, because the wind's is going to be 10 - 20 mph up here.


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Thanks you guys. I came through just fine. We didn't end up getting any frost, just cold. So all my babies are fine! I never plant new stuff until after May 15, so it was all established stuff. And my lilacs have more blooms than ever! I can't wait to cut them and put them in the house, they are going to smell sooooo good!

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Hi Shele!

We came out fine in Charlottesvile, too. Hopefully, this is the last time we'll have to worry about frost this season.

The lilacs here are really going wild now - I love them too!

Take care.


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