Birds of Paradise


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Question Birds of Paradise

I just transplanted a few birds of
paradise plants and the green leaves
are wilting. I used various types of
fertilizer including miracle grow
and water it plenty. I dont know why
it is wilting... Could it be that I
am watering them too much? can anybody
help?... I dont acutally have a really green

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Hi Mike,

I've never grown your plant, but it could be in shock and will pull out of it.

It's best not to fertilize plants when you first transplant them. They need to get adjusted to their new surroundings first and have the roots reach out into the new soil. So, if you used several fertilizers that could be the problem.

To fix that, water it and water it and water it to leech all that fertilize out. Then let it alone for awhile unless it becomes dry.

If you transplanted it in the ground, it could also be that you moved it on a sunny day. It's best to transplant on a cloudy day so the plants don't have that hot sun beating down on them.

If you transplanted it to another pot, the same goes. Keep it out of direct sun for a day or so.

There is a root stimulator. I believe seaweed fertilizer is one of those. You COULD use that when you transplant, but stay away from the other fertilizers. What you want to do now is encourage more roots for a healthier plant.

Good luck. Let us know if it pulls out of it.

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Hi Mike

I think Gami's got the right idea - you could also try putting a lawn umbrella (or a regular one if the plant isn't too big) up to shade it a bit more until it starts coming back...

I grew one from seed years ago, but up here, it is a plant you move indoors in the winter, so I was repotting it yearly until it flowered. If I remember correctly, it liked shadier conditions (bright indoor window, but shade outside) and it had almost a tuber type root that was quite firm, but could be broken easily - did you get the entire root?

Guess all you can do now is keep it comfortable while it recovers - and as long as there's no pooling of water, keep it moist and shaded...

Good Luck


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