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Question landscape fabric


I'm moving some old rock around in my yard. I'm planning on refreshing it with another type of rock or mulch. My question is this: I found plastic under the rock (I'd assume for a weed barrier). I was at Home Depot looking for new weed barrier and I saw this stuff called landscape fabric. As usual I couldn't find anybody to ask.

Does this landscape fabric act as a effective weed barrier or
should I use a plastic barrier?

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If you are going to use any plantings, the fabric is fine as it allows the moisture through. The plastic is okay for underneath rocks and mulch also. Some folks have mentioned that the fabric will still allow weeds to grow through, but I'm guessing the mulch medium on top is where most of the weeds appear. The fabric is a bit pricey. I have changed over to regular roofing felt(tar paper). You can purchase a big roll for about 10 dollars.
So, it sort of boils down to your preference.
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I tried a layer of that "fabric" on my wife's rose bed. The weeds grew right through it. Not in the mulch, but from under the fabric. The stuff had a label claiming it was guaranteed for 2 yrs against weeds growing through it. Kinda hard to make that warranty good when it's cut up, rolled out, covered in mulch, and full of weeds, lol.
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Hi Denverlynx,

You could also use 8 layers of newspaper. After you plant, water well. Add 8 layers of newspaper and wet that good. Then put mulch on top. The newspaper will kill the weeds, draw earthworms, and decompose in about 2 years.

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Newspaper? That is a definitely a interesting suggestion that I would never of thought about. I will take it into consideration.

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hello denverlynx,

In reply to your question on what type of fabric to use to act as a "weed barrier", I can tell you what we use and be totally honest and say i've seen this stuff last 4 years and still going as far as keeping grass out of beds/landscaping. It's called DWIT, it's fairly pricey but one roll of it is 5ftX125ft. Buying one roll would insure you plenty of use. Probably more than enough for your house at least a couple time. I'm not sure if you can get DWIT at like say a home depot but if you go to a local landscaping company, the owner could mor ethan likely order you a roll. Happy landscaping!!

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