Green Soil


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Green Soil

I am so new to this and have no clue what I am doing. I have clay soil and so decided to get topsoil in. Instead of working it into the existing clay (Did I mention I am L-A-Z-Y?), I bought 40 bags, dug up about 8-10 inches of the clay and filled in the ditch with the topsoil. I then planted tons of seeds and bulbs to see what I would be successful at and what I simply should stay away from because of my tendency toward horticultural homicide. I have been watering every other day early in the morning for 5 minutes via a drip system. Now my topsoil is green and there are bits of something that looks like spider web in the small valleys of soil. What have I done??!!?? However, my bulbs are making an appearance and my snapdragons (though very sad looking) are at least coming up. I guess my problem is some sort of Algae but want to make sure and know it isn't going to kill what little I am managing to grow. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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Hi D,

Welcome to DIY!

There are folks here who know a lot more than I do, but I am going to suggest holding back on watering as at least a partial solution.

I have killed many a plant by over watering, so you're not alone! Let the soil dry out somewhat before watering again. Typically, a good deep watering once a week is ideal. This encourages deep root developement, while frequent quick waterings, will promote shallow root growth, ultimately resulting in weak plants. Also, your seeds, if they get too much water, will simply rot.

Let us know if a different watering schedule helps.

Stay tuned because I am sure you will get some more advice!

North Garden Gal

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