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Question where?

does anyone know of a herb called ******* balm?
if so where can i buy it from.
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Hi Sally,

It's called bee balm. You might check at your local nurseries--not KMart or Walmart, although they could possibly have it also.

If not -


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Hi again Sally,

I was in a hurry when I answered and later thought that there is also a lemon balm and mint balm.

This takes you to the catalog for Richter's -


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As Gami mentioned, Richters is an excellent resource for herbs; I have several of them that I ordered, such as lime balm (another beautiful mint), grapefruit mint, orange mint, tangerine sage, and grape scented sage just to name a few.

My local Home Depot, as I was there there purchasing jalapenos the other night, did have lemon balm. However, Richters is fantastic; very good quality plants... I highly recommend them

Welcome to the group!

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Hi Sally,

I need to quit answering when I just have a few minutes.

A warning about ANY of the mints and also lemon balm. They can take over your herb garden. I had to use Round Up last summer to kill most of both. The lemon balm reseeds like crazy and mint spreads by underground runners. You could easily contain the lemon balm by but not letting it go to seed, but the mint should definitely be in a container. Some people dig a hole and put in a bottomless container to try and keep it in its little home, but I'm not even trusting that. My mint is going in a container from now on, and the flowers will be pruned as they appear.

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Thumbs up thank you

youhave been a big help thank you
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Lemon balm (Melissa/Lamiaceae) is a perennial with toothed, ovate leaves that smell strongly of lemons when bruised. Bee balm (Monarda/Lamiaceae) is frequently spied in the wild in dry scrub, praries, and woodlands in North America from midsummer to early autumn with tubular, sage-like, white, pink, red, or violet flowers. Because they are a long flowering perennial, they are prized for placing in the middle of a mixed or herbaceous border. Bees and hummingbirds love to come visit. ******* balm (Melittis/Lamiaceae) occurs in Europe in light woodlands and produces 2-lipped flowers in white, pink, or purple, or white with pink or purple lips. These do well in woodland or shady gardens.
Mentha (Mint/Lamiaceae) is a perennial that spreads by rhizomes and can be quite invasive.

Nepeta (Catmint/Lamiaceae) is catnip. I moved into an old home years ago and was thrilled to discover mint growing by the well house. I had visions of ice tea with a sprig of mint. My mother crushed a leaf and quickly pointed out that it was catnip. The only attention it got after that was from the neighbor's cats.

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