bagworms in trees

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texas lady
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Cool bagworms in trees

hi, im new to this.i,ve been veiwng this site for a couple of weeks and it looks great.some very wonderful people on this. hope you can help me. we live in texas. yep very hot. i have several trees , and each one of them have what is called bag worms. they eat up the leaves and destroy the limbs, anyone know how to get rid of these little pest. short of cutting down the trees? texas lady
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texas lady, the bag worm, one of my greatest triumphs. They are very fond of pecan in my area and will strip a tree. I have two trees that were covered up with them to the top. I heard that malathion sprayed as high as a good garden sprayer will go onto each web and on the ground to the weep line wouild get rid of them for good in a couple of years. Did it every spring for three years and not a single worm in five years. Maybe this is an option for you.....Mike
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Hi Texas Lady,

Good advice by Mike. For some reason we only get them in a river birch. It's not too large, and I can take a stick and break the web apart.

If yours is taller, there is a sprayer that hooks onto a hose that you can purchase. You put the insecticide in the bottle, hook the hose up and dial it to the right ratio for the insecticide. Ask at a reputible nursery. They are controllable.

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Malathion will work, but beware it's toxicity!!!

It is an organophospate cholinesterase inhibitor which acts to interfere with the normal function of nerve endings and synapses. It also is stored in the fatty organs like the liver and will build up with time. Remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body and chemicals can be and are absorbed thru it. When using it in particular, but any chemical generally, be sure to read and follow the label carefully, paying particular attention to mixing instructions and cautions; be mindful of wind conditions to avoid drift. Keep children, pets and bystanders clear while spraying, wear personal protective equipment including long pants and long sleeved shirt, gloves, boots and eye and respiration protection. Clean your sprayer and store it and chemicals properly, dispose of used chemical containers in a responsible manor, triple rinsing and puncturing before discarding. Do not smoke or eat or drink while spraying and wash up promptly after you finish

Don't mean to scare, but this is a powerful insecticide and should be treated with the respect it's due...

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texas lady
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bag wormsin trees

hi, just wanted to thank everyone for their answers for treatment for bag worms. i`m going to home depot to get the insecticede recommended. i will be very careful, with product. thanks again.texas lady
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Texas Lady,
You can use Bt or Dipel powder which is an organic insecticide.
For tent caterpillars I sprinkle sevin on the 'webbing' and the caterpillars are all dead in a couple days.
I used to be a pyromaniac with yellow jacket nests in the ground, but sevin will eliminate the problem in few days.
Here's a good link with some other remedies for the bagworm:

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