Propagating roses


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Propagating roses

Dear all,

I would really appreciate your comments and help in connection to this matter. I once read that most roses can be easily propagated by cuttings. Mysteriously I was never successful. Maybe I am doing it in the wrong season?

I leave in Malta (central Europe) having an average summer temperature of 32 degrees and 13 degrees in winter. I thought I was going to be successful in my last attempt which took place in mid March, but after the cutting sprouted the first new leaves it dried up and died. I read a couple of articles from the Internet but none seem to work.

Just to give you an idea:
1)Took cuttings from firm but young stems.
2)I removed all leaves from the stem.
3)Planted the cutting in compost.
4)Covered the container with a plastic bag in order to keep it moist.
5)I placed the container in a shaded place away from direct sunlight or wind.

After 3 or 4 weeks it started to sprout new leaves. After that the stem went black and the growing process stopped. The leaves will most probably dry up in the coming days.

Do you have an idea what it might be the problem?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Robert,

No, I have no idea. It sounds like you did everything right. I've even had luck with just sticking them in the ground next to the mother plant but making sure they get shade.

I've always left a few leaves on the top portion, but I believe I've seen instructions where they do strip all the leaves.

The method in this site is basically what you did, but I've had good luck with it, as well as others I've shared it with.

What kind of rose is it? Are the stems long enough to bend down to the ground without breaking? You could do the layering method. Lay a stem on the ground, cut a small notch where the stem will touch the ground. Put a little soil over that area and weight it down with a brick or something. This is usually a pretty good foolproof way of propagating shrubs and other woody plants.


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