shade tree suggestion???


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Question shade tree suggestion???

We live in Zone 5 and are looking for a fast growing shade tree! We would prefer one that has a nice shape to it. It will be seen from the street but will be planted off the back corner of the house.

I feel like when we've been to nurseries they are just trying to sell the trees they have (of course) and we aren't getting all the suggestions we would like.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Selecting a shade tree

Red maple is frequently recommended as a fast growing shade tree. It adds a lot of color to the landscape. Take into consideration the mature size of whatever tree you decide to plant before making your selection and digging the hole. You don't want it hanging over into the neighbor's yard or your roof. You also don't want it's root system growing into your foundation. Growing grass under shade trees can also be a real challenge. Your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent is a wonderful source of free information regarding recommended plants for your area and can recommend a tree for your size lot and growing conditions.
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I also live in zone 5. Locust is a fast growing tree. It gives a filtered shade, not dense, because of it's small leaves, but it has a nice canopy to it and it grows quickly. The down side is it's hard to rake the leaves, being so small, and they drop seed pods. I have one and I really like it. Nothing beats a maple though. But they take forever to grow big.


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