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Angry squirrels!!!!!!

Digging up my plants, eating my bulbs, wrecking my seedlings!

How do I repel these little suckers???

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if your plants are in pots put some chicken wire around them. they will stop. if they are in a flower bed and you want to lay the chicken wire out there you could. i have used it and it works. the other thing that works is cocoa bean shells. they smell great but, only last so long...
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Hi Keziah

Blood meal is usually effective in repelling squirrels, but it has a side effect of attracting dogs (and possibly raccoons, bear, coyotes, fox, etc), so kinda depends on how you feel about trading pests...

Also, you have to re-apply after watering or rain...

Hadn't heard about the cocoa mulch - it'd be great as long as you're not on a diet (or hung over ) - the sweet smell would drive you nuts...

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