Whom to hire?


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Talking Whom to hire?

Hi all-

I am looking for some suggestions. I want some work done in my front yard. I currently have two small beds in front of my home. One has been overtaken by grass, the other just needs new soil and mulching. So, I basically need the one that has been taken over by grass to be expanded, resoiled and mulched and the other one resoiled and mulched. I currently have some schrubs and plants that were planted by the builder 4 years ago. I am also interested in having an additional planting bed built along a small walkway. We have received several estimates from landscape companies that range from $900 - 1,300. This includes a couple new plantings. My neighbors were able to do this by themselves. Do I go with hiring the landscapers or are there "handypersons" that could normally do a small project like this? We could supply the soil and mulch for them to do the job. I am looking to save money where possible. Has anyone faced this decision? Thanks for any responses!
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Hi Daz,

My suggestion is to ask your neighbors for advice. If they did it, YOU can too, and you might find it to be a lot of fun and much more rewarding than if somebody does it for you. It will also be a LITTLE work.

But yes, I'm sure someone could do it for you. You might check in the yellow pages under landscapers. You could also check at your local nurseries and see if they know someone that does that kind of work. Sometimes they have bulletin boards with business cards.

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A thousand bucks??? Good gods I'm in the wrong business ! It's very doable, depends on how much effort and time you want to put into it of course. And of course you can always come back here to ask questions <g>.

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