More Blooms on my Marigolds ... help!


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Rusty Can
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Question More Blooms on my Marigolds ... help!

Hello again friends ...
I haven't been around much lately ... with daylight savings time I try and spend as much time in my yard as I can!

Quick question ... I have planted about 30 yellow marigolds around my lawn. How can I get them to have more than two flowers at a time?? Is there some special fertilizer that can kick these guys into multiple blooms??

Thanks for you help ...

~ The Rusty Can
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a fertilizer with a high phosphorus content. I use miracle grow in my perennial garden with fantastic results
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One other thing - try underfertilizing, but maybe a little more often than recommended (say 1/3 recommended strength, but every other or third week)

Too much Nitrogen will cause the plants to bolt - lots of nice lush green foliage and no flowers (or flowers under the lfoliage cover)

Good Luck


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