Pine Tree Trimming?


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Pine Tree Trimming?

I have a scotch pine in the yard that is ~12' tall and - to my knowledge - has never been trimmed/pruned. All I want to do is cut back the new growth and shape the tree a bit.

What is the best time of year to trim back the tree? Is it okay to do it now or should I wait until fall?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello brad

Best time to 'prune' pines is now - or at least as the new tips or candles are soft and growing. You can break or cut off these candles by about a half or a third and this should encourage new bud formation at the base of each candle.

It's tougher if you want to remove anything older than this new growth because often the tree will not fill back in the areas that you have cut out from.

Good Luck


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