selecting roses by points


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selecting roses by points

i was wondering if , when a rose is judged by the aars, and the points are given in specific categories- if any of those points are alloted for disease resistance and/or hardiness. i was thinking that if they were -i could use that score to help me in selecting roses for my zone7b climate, roses that are more resistant to blackspot. i have used the search engine on this forum to find links to roses recommended for my zone. i have searched alot for links like that in general. i have been to the '',,, etc. i was trying to find a search engine within those sites that would let me search for roses according to disease resistance. i downloaded the aars master list, but it does not list any points or scores for each rose. but all that searching did turn up the rose society for my city and i have posted my question there also. the co-op extension service for my county does not have alot online at this time. i do plan to ask local nurseries. i thought i would check here also. does anyone have suggestions as to trying to search for or research roses by disease resistance and/or hardiness on the internet? thank you !
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Disease resistant roses

Give your local Dept. of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Agent a call for recommendations or a list of disease resistant roses for your area. Old World roses, rather than hybrids, tend to be quite disease resistant. You can also type 'disease resistant roses' in your favorite search engine for a lot of information.

Disease resistance is not one of the points on which roses are scored. They are Form, Color, Substance, Stem & Foliage, Balance & Proportion, and Size.
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like typing in 'cold hardy palms'. why didnt i think of that? thank you, i will try that.-pine

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