Transplanting rose bush & hostas


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Transplanting rose bush & hostas

Just bought a new house in southern NJ and the previous owners seem to have put plants and bushes anywhere and everywhere! I have a Queen Elizabeth (I think) rose bush and some hostas that I want to transplant to another area. The rose bush stands about 4 feet high, has huge medium pink blooms and is VERY hardy. The hostas are right alongside the driveway and will get run over. Does anyone know if they can be transplanted now? HELP!
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i believe the hostas can be transplanted now, but i think the rose needs to be transplanted in the winter or when the bush is dormant. you could try redirecting your question to -Gami- . she has always given me knowledgeable advice and some very good links. good luck!
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Thanks Pineshade for the nice comments.

I've been busy lately and haven't been reading the questions if I see someone receives an answer. I'm not tired, so just lurking about.


It is best to wait until roses are dormant to transplant. If you HAVE to transplant once they are all leafed out, you're taking a chance. You can transplant, but make sure you get as much of the roots as possible. Plant them, water them well, keep them watered and provide some type of shade until you're sure they're going to make it. In other words, leave the shade source on until you see new growth. You can provide shade in a number of ways. An easy way is to drive some stakes in the ground and lay a sheet on them, anchoring the sheet so it won't blow away. Anything else you can dream up will work also.

I really wouldn't move them now unless you absolutely have to. Once they're dormant, you can move them anytime the soil is workable.

If you HAVE to move them now, please let me know. I'll do some research on your particular rose. It would be best to prune them to compensate for some root loss, but I can't recommend how much until I know more about your particular rose.

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