planting crocus now


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planting crocus now

We live in Zone 5 (Northern CT). The topsoil has just been spread in our yard, and while it is still soft, we were thinking about working in a few hundred crocus bulbs in the lawn area. We saw this somewhere, and it was really beautiful in late winter to see the lawn full of crocuses. I know you're supposed to plant them in the fall, but by then our lawn will be established. Will we be wasting our time to plant the crocus bulbs now?
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Hi Dave,
It sounds good , however, your few hundred bulbs will probably diminish rapidly. When you water your lawn to keep it growing the bulbs will start to sprout. You may even get some crocus blooms. The problem will be keeping the grass mowed this summer. Most of the crocuses will be cut off while mowing and weaken the bulbs.
Best to wait till fall. Just take a stake or piece of pipe and pound a small hole into the turf to drop the bulb in. You can back-fill the holes with some cheap top soil.

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