how to get rid of grass snakes

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Angry how to get rid of grass snakes

This is my first summer at our new house and I have killed 5 garden/grass snakes in my back yard around my basement (walk-out basement) and I'm afraid one might make it's way in the house, not to mention I'm TERRIFIED of them.
Does anyone have any solution to keeping them off my property?? I'm open to anything.
I have heard of salt, mothballs and lime around your property line...
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Grass snakes or green snakes

Grass snakes, often confused with adders, are one of Britain's largest reptiles.

Green snakes are insectivores and are frequently favored as pets:

Snakes and lizards are around your home because they are finding what they need to eat there. I imagine you are seeing "green snakes." A regular perimeter treatment around your foundation with an insecticide will tend to keep the insect population down, thus snakes and other insectivores and members of the food chain will seek their dinner elsewhere.

For snake control info:
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There is really nothing made that will repel them. Besides eating insects, they will eat frogs, toads, earthworm, moles, mice, etc.

If you've killed five garden snakes, apparently you're not too afraid to get too close to them. They are completely harmless and will not hurt you. Why not just walk away from them.
Or, if you have any kids in the area, maybe they will scoop them up and remove them for you.

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Hi Sweitzer,

I don't have a solution. I just wanted to say I sympathize with you, particularily since you said they're around your basement. Snakes give me the shivers. I have learned to live with them because of their insect control. I did kill one that was in the garage and really hated to, but I didn't want to keep running into it having it scare me death. I also wasn't sure that it wasn't poisonous as it's head was a little pronounced.

I don't advocate snake killing, but if I thought there was a possibility of them getting in the house, I'd take certain measures. I'd have to go to a motel until that snake was found. If you move them, unless you move them far away, they could just make it back to the house.

I think you'll find if you realize they are beneficial, you'll learn to have a tolerance for them. Snakes usually move around at night. I don't see too many in the daytime, but there are an occasional few.

I used to carry a long stick around and poke it around in my flowers before I worked in them. I've overcome my fear and don't have to do that anymore. Maybe that will work for you too.

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Just stomp your feet or walk with heavy footfalls. The vibrations will send them the other way and you won't see them as often. I still get "jumped once in awhile, but the amount of bugs they slurp down makes it worth the fright.


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