Novice question on maintaining vines


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Question Novice question on maintaining vines

I bought a house this last winter that has many vines along the fence (Kiwi) and on the porch overhang (Grape). These are out of control! I have tried on a number of occasions to "direct" the vines, and trim those that stick out into traffic areas. I get caught up in other things, and, before I know it, I have a giant medusa blocking my path.

What is the best way to maintain these mid-bloom? Just cut all unwanted vines, or do I try to corral them? I have put some plastic ties in places to try to direct the vines, but it seems a drop in the bucket.


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Hi, I am a Master Gardener and I will tell you what they advise in my handbook.

On the Kiwi during summer, you can remove shoots not wanted for the following year for replacement canes. You also can tip replacement canes to prevent tangling. Take care not to summer prune excessively. Removing too much vegetative growth may cause fruit and sometimes canes to become sunburned. Remove all suckers or shoots that grow from the trunk during the growing season.

On the grapes, prune vines when the are dormant, removing about 90 percent of the wood that grew the previous season. If summer pruning is necessary usuallu 3 to 4 feet of growrh per shoot is enough to ripen the crop. If plants become to wirorous, top or trim the shoots. This pruning will cause laterals to be produced; trim or hedge them as well.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can help with more.

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