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Dear all,

In our country it is usually recommended to water plants using rain water rather than tap water, mainly for the reason that tap water contains a high level of chlorine (used to purify water) and which is not healthy for the plants. (Since our island does not offer natual lakes and rivers alternatively we convert sea water into fresh water).

Unfortunatley my well (which is not a very big one) contains some cracks and during the winter season it only manages to collect up to one feet of water!!

Usually this amount of water is not enough for the whole summer and usually I run out of water just after a couple of hot summer weeks.

What exactly are the disadvantages of using tab water? Can you recommend an alternative way?


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Hello Robert

You could try making rain barrels out of industrial drums or wine barrels which have been thoroughly washed and rinced - there are also kits and barrels available commercially if you don't want to have to figure out the plumbing, etc. I used three 45 US Gal (~170 litres each) soap barrels and have them connected together with garden hose - here's a link to Sierra where I've posted pics, etc (you'll have to copy the whole address and paste it to your browser)


Tap water will lose it's chlorine content if left in open barrels or buckets for a day or so before using it to water with. I think it really depends on how much chlorine your municipality has put into the water, but it should be fine right out of the tap unless you are filling ponds with fish or really suscepitble plants. Adding an aquarium pump and bubbler to the barrels would decrease the dechlorination time also.

Hope others have some ideas and suggestions also...

Good Luck


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Why not use grey water? That would be the rinse water from your washing machine, a bucket between your legs when you take a shower, the vegetable cooking water from steaming veggies (not butter or salt please) and water from the bath tub. That's what I do.


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