Rid garden of nut sedge?


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Rid garden of nut sedge?

My garden has been taken over by nut sedge and this year it's beyond help. What would be the best way to get rid of it? What chemicals would be most effective, when should they be applied, and how long before I can re-plant in the area? Any advise would be appreciated. I'm in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of N Texas.
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Smile A tough chore.

Hi jgcrain,

I looked up the Nut Sedge, under Unwelcome Plant Imports.

This is one bad plant, that perhaps one of our members has had to fight. No mention of any Chemicals in this study. Have you talked with your County Ag offices?

I do know this, a plant must have Light, Food & Water to live if you could deprive these plants of any of these, it will die.

One last thought, raised beds lined with breathable landscaping fabric & to start fresh clean Mushroom compost. You could dig down say 2' to keep the above ground boards as low as 1' from ground level. Just another way to look at it.

Nut Sedge: Reproduces by seed, root tubers and root crowns, very difficult to eradicate once established, particularly in wetlands. A single plant can produce up to 40,000 offspring in a single year.
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Hi jgcrain,

You and me both! Isn't it fun?

There is a tool called the winged weeder. I've only seen it for sale at Garden Shows and on the Net. It only works in tilled soil. It will not dig down into hard clay, etc. The end of the tool is like a wing, naturally. You push it back and forth in front of you to the depth of 1". That is normally deep enough to get the weeds, unless they are large. You can walk backwards leaving no imbedded footprints for weeds to get compacted back into the soil. If you keep using that only going 1" deep, eventually you will have killed all the weeds that germinate. That tool is also handy for making furrows, and the pointed ends can be dug into the ground to work out larger weeds. My veggie garden is weed free for the first time ever--with little effort.

Other than that, try Round Up, but protect your veggies. Wouldn't it be great if a lawn of that would be desirable? Don't ever let it go to seed. Spreading by the roots underground is enough.

Nut sedge does NOT care if your soil is wet or dry. It can grow anywhere.


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Manage is made by Monsanto, and should be available in a turf and garden supply store, or at an agricultural supply store. I buy it at Southern States here ($12 per packet - makes 1 gallon). It is expensive, but it does work. My yard was overrun with nutsedge when I moved in 4 years ago, and now I only see occasional outbreaks.


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Thanks all for the advise. Had not heard of the Monsanto product but will give it a try next weekend if the wind is calm.

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