Modine Garage Heater Takes Long Time To Come On


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Modine Garage Heater Takes Long Time To Come On

Hi, I've got a Modine PD 30AA0111 heater hanging in my garage and a Hunter analog (for lack of a better term) thermostat controlling it. Lately if I want to make the garage warmer for when I'm working in there and turn the thermostat up I'll hear something click (not sure if it's the thermostat or the Modine) but nothing happens for a good long while. This time it's been about 25 minutes and no heat. If the pattern follows that I've noticed over the past few weeks I'll come back in to the garage in an hour and the heater will be on toasting everything right up. Any ideas what the culprit is? I'm hoping it's just the thermostat but figured I'd check here before I went and replaced that. The thermostat is about 10 years old.
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By the model number it looks to be factory supplied with a standing pilot system. However they did offer retrofit intermittent ignition systems that could be installed. You're going to need to determine if your heater has a standing pilot. My guess is the pilot is going to need to be cleaned. Possibly a partially clogged orifice. This is a real common problem with units running on propane.

This is the generic manual for your unit... Modine-Manufacturing-Pd.html
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If pilot, possible bad flame sensor....

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