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Exclamation Heat for small workshop

am looking to heat small workshop...is back of house..size to heat is about 450sq ft. would like to know what would be a good heater. concern is there will be sawdust from saws.
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I bought a 7500 BTU 115v window AC/heat unit & put it in/through the wall to heat & cool mine. I'm sure other will have more idea's.
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What do you have for a fuel source? Electric? Natural Gas? Propane?
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It all depends on how much heat your shop needs. Heating a 450 square foot shop in central Florida is very different than one in Minnesota. My shop is heated by a propane fueled gas pack so I also have air conditioning. Ducting is very minimal and the system is oversized since my shop isn't insulated well enough to maintain temp all the time. So, my heat is sized so I can turn on the furnace and it's comfortable in half an hour. The concrete and machinery are still ice cold but at least I can work without numb fingers. The air return is on the far corner away from my dusty & dirty work and I have added some custom filtration to help keep dust out of it. AC is only half a luxury as some finishes and coatings don't work well with summer humidity.
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PD, thanks for your reply. It reminded me that I should note to the OP that my shed is insulated in the walls & ceiling with R19 roll fiberglass. That'll make a big difference whether its insulated or not.

I am in northeast Louisiana. Normal low temps here are in the 30's. Occasionally in the 20's. maybe once or twice a year in the teens for a couple of nights.
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I've got a similar sized unheated attic that I use as a study / workshop.
I used to run a small 120v electric fan space heater, BUT the biggest improvement in comfort came from simply laying spare Styrofoam roof insulation vent baffles on top of the rafters to reduce the heated volume, create some dead airspace, AND to limit the heat from rising. I got similar results by simply draping a canvas painter's drop cloth over the rafters to create "a tent within a room" and that stays quite comfortable with minimal heating.

For your application, I'd consider having 2 heat sources, an electric heater to get quick heat, and a "sawdust rocket heater" which could simply run on wood scraps.

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