Need help on temporary heating..


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Need help on temporary heating..

My drywall is all hung in my new built, I'm at a stand still right now because I need some kind of temporary heat in order to continue on with the mudding of the walls, weather temp is in the 20-30 degrees right now and no gas service connected yet. My home is a single floor 1,100 sq ft, I have a Mr Heater 30,000 btu propane heater which will heat 750 sq ft, should I buy another Mr Heater to put on the other side of the house and run 2 at once? They are thermostat controlled and would shut down and come back on to keep a continuance heat source in the house. I'm not sure which will maintain a better heat, space heater, radiant, or convection heater. I would need some kind of economical temp heat to run 24/7 to maintain 50-55 degrees in the house for the next month or so until the gas company is able to connect my gas line. Any ideas would be helpful, thanks....
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If it were me I have a couple more going, if that mud freezes your in trouble!

Couple big space heaters are cheap insurance! Should have had that gas up and running before mudding at those temps!
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Propane is expensive.
You might be better using a kerosene salamander.
The heated air is not as clean. Slight smell of kerosene when running. Drier.. heated air.
Definitely more heat for the buck.
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My gas piping is already hooked up, they told me all I needed was one appliance hooked up and they would install the meter. Now I called and they told me I need all my appliances hooked up but I can't do that because I need my walls mudded first. Gonna call back again and see if there is anyway I get that gas turned on, until then I do have a kerosene salamander I'm using now while I'm over there working, if I leave it on for about an hour or so I can get all my rooms up to 50+, only problem is I don't really wanna leave it running overnight when no one is there. I was thinking for the time being letting the salamander run all day to get my walls and ceilings warm and the temp up to around 60, then turn on both 30,000 propane heater to maintain the heat, feel safer running those at night with all the safety devices on them. You would think 60,000 btu running 24/7 after all the walls and ceilings are already heated should do the trick, also a couple fans to circulate the air. I have 40lb propane tanks which cost around $20 each to fill, I buy it on the Indian Rez 15 minutes away, kerosene here is $4.10 a gallon. Also the propane heaters would shut off or kick down to low once the house is up to temp using less propane. You think it would work or am I thinking in the wrong direction?
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If you are thinking of coating the walls with plaster or hard coat plaster you can not use a kerosene heater for temporary heat because it will cause the ground coat to bleed through the finish coat and put yellow streaks on the walls. My contractor did this and all our walls were streaked with the ground coat bleed. The plaster installer told him that that would happen but he did it anyway. Just a warning.
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