Refill 20lb Propane Cylinder from Home

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Refill 20lb Propane Cylinder from Home

I live in Texas where we lost electricity and water for days with the last winter storm. The only thing we had was propane service to the home. I was curious if there is a way to re fill a 20lb cylinder by hooking it up to our house service with an adapter so we can use for space heaters and other uses. Would be as simple as making the connection and somehow chilling the cylinder so the propane condenses into a liquid?

Thank you.
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Propane typically needs to be pumped as a liquid. Removing the vapor and trying to recondense it would be a major job and it would still need to be pumped.

You'd be better off adding a tap to the system in your home for local usage.
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What is your "house service"?
Is it a big "submarine" style tank or a pipe?

The difference is that propane-through-a-pipe is gas. Propane in a tank is liquid. That liquid propane remains a liquid because it is under 100-200 PSI pressure (~150 psi at 70°).
That is more pressure than an average air compressor can create, so there is no realistic method to take gaseous propane and compress, cool and liquify it.
Much easier to get a large camping cylinder with a pressure regulator and keep that as a backup.
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Neighborhood is supplied by pipes to houses from large community tank located nearby.
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If you have a neighborhood propane system your house is likely fed with vapor so you can't refill cylinders.
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I live in Texas and I refill my bottles from 1# to 100# from a 250 gallon "house tank"..
Proper equipment and full understanding of propane and its unique characteristics is required for safety.

First step is a "wet line" that will take liquid propane from large tank and move it through "filler hose" to the smaller tank. The liquid propane is around 200* minus Fahrenheit. That will freeze flesh on contact. Another requirement is to not overfill the smaller tank. About 80% fill is the safe limit. Another problem is the tank being filled must be vented to reduce pressure so the liquid can flow from big tank to smaller tank. This is an explosion hazard and will alert any neighbors due to the skunk smell put in propane for leak alert.

I have been using propane for over 60 years in farm tractors, and irrigation pump engines. I have operated vehicles with it. I do have experience, necessary equipment, and do follow safety precautions. Also, I live in the country where my closest neighbor is over a half mile away.

I personally advise against filling your own bottles unless you can make the investment of time, training, and equipment to do it properly and safely.
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so we can use for space heaters
Do not use propane heaters (IE: sunflower heaters) inside a home. They still release carbon monoxide which can be deadly.
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No. Much better idea is to have your propane company install one or more safe, vented propane heaters in the house.

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