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oven handle

OK, so we just bought a new gas oven for our kitchen (Sears Kenmore #362.75320101). Measured beforehand to make sure it would fit etc. Forgot to consider that door handle would stick out further.

The dishwasher that opens perpendicular to the stove door won't clear the handle. We don't have any wiggle room unless we rip out cabinets, sinks, etc... not going to go there. HOWEVER, the handle runs the whole length of the oven door. We were thinking we could unscrew this handle and just put a smaller one right in the middle of the door, which would allow the dishwasher door to open.

Removing the existing handle looks easy enough - just 2 screws. But, we don't know about drilling holes for a new handle. The oven has a self cleaning locking mechanism right in the middle and a corresponding hole in the door for it. We would need to drill a few inches on either side of this hole.

Is this safe to do or are we asking for trouble? If this is trouble, do we have other options short of finding another oven with a different kind of handle?

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Hello: Hilary

Rather difficult question for me to answer directly with a technicians reply. The question is not related to an operational problem.

However, since the appliance is new, check for alternate handle models, before drilling or modifying the existing oven. Doing so may void the warranty, etc.

Without a clear view first hand, difficult to say exactly what would work {most likely not screws} and not cause damage or operational problems.

Pop rivets may work to secure another samller handle because they do not require a long threaded bolt with a nut on the end, thereby saving internal space behind the door panel.

Retail parts dealers may be able to offer another solution or additonal help. Bring the make, model and serial numbers and stop in at the store. Parts dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

About all I can think of at the moment...

Regards & Good Luck
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2 problems...the screws that go threw to hold the handle on....also helps hold the inner and outer panals together....the oven door vent is right in the middle of the door, a smaller handle may get hot to touch when using the oven for any extened period of time. I'd check with warranty servicer to see if they can offer some help, info, tips, ideas....Sears, GE ( GE built the range ).
Take a few pics of the trouble area and bring them in with you so they can get a good understanding of the problem.

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Thanks guys. You are right that the vent is in the middle of the oven, so that may be a problem. However, the bolts that hold the inner and outer doors together don't appear to hold the handle on - the handle is just bolted to the outer door with little screws that you can only get to by first taking out the big bolts to separate the inner and outer doors. So, it seems that other than the handle getting hot from the vent, we wouldn't ruin anything operationally by moving those little screws. We'll check with Sears first though before attempting!

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