Uneven baking in gas oven

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Uneven baking in gas oven

I have a GE gas range that is less than 4 years old. Several weeks back it started to not bake evenly. Example; biscuits only get brown on the two outer sides of the pan and the inside is still not done. Cookies end up still doughy on parts of the cookie sheet while others are close to burnt. I do alot of cake baking this time of year and I'm afraid it will be a disastor trying to get the layers done. Is there a way to clean the thing (burners?) out so they burn more evenly. My husband is pretty handy with repairs. Thanks
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Hello pcrhodes and Welcome to our Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances forum.

Uneven heat distribution is most likely the problem. Unven heating can be caused by several factors. Cleaning is just one. Uneven heating is not always attributed to burner problems.

If the burner lites and the flames are burning equally sized and completely around the entire burner, it's not a burner problem. If the flames do not burn equally, evenly and completely around the burner, burner cleaning is needed.

Several of the most common problems are covered below. Not all of which may apply to your specific ovens conditions, baking methods or applications etc.

Check the condition of the flame spreader. The flame spreader is the metal plate just above the flames. It is attached to the top of the burner. The plate must be in good condition, properly attached and not warped.

Another possibility could be the useage of aluminum foil to cover racks or oven plates and panels inside the oven. No foil should be used. Foil reflects & distorts the proper heat rising characteristics.

Foil useage in any oven, gas or electric, anyplace inside the baking compartment will and does cause drastic changes in normal and proper heating. It should not be used for any reason, including an attempt to collect spill overs or to keep the oven clean.

A baking container too large for the baking compartment will also distort the normal heat rising characteristics also. Baking pans & containers must not be any larger then 2/3rds the size of the racks.

Properly sized baking containers allow the rising heat to circulate evenly & completely around all sides of the baking container and allows normal heat rising.

Other possible problems, which may or may not apply, could be proper door closing and sealing. Worn door seals or doors the do not close or seal well allow heat to escape.

Proper attachment and location of the temperature sensing element is a must. The element must be secured to the two supporting & retaining clips. The sensing element must not touching any part of the oven except for the two clips.

Rare but possible could be blockage of the exhaust vent either internally or externally on the appliance. This may include added decorative covers on the appliance, foil to keep the ovens external are clean or as a method of hiding the external vents, etc. I think I have seen them all over the years...

Read the manufacturers instructional or owners manual & online web sites for product information, problem possibilities, causes and solving methods, which may be available.

If you need further assistance or care to post the results of this repair, use the REPLY button. Doing so moves the topic to the top of the daily list automatically.

Regards & Good Luck. TCB4U2B2B Company Enterprises.
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